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Ecumenical Peace Prayer 2023
Ecumenical Peace Prayer 2023 | Photo: Comboni Missionary Br. Hans Eigner, Mural: Moses Kabiru

» The prayer «

Almighty God,
Prince and Lord of life,
baptize us with your peace

We need peace in South Sudan*,
and in so many regions and countries in this world.
In spite of our fear, we praise God’s power.
In spite of our complacency and hate,
we praise the love of Christ.
In spite of senselessness and violence, we praise
the transforming presence of the Holy Spirit.

We remember all our brothers and sisters,
those who are displaced through violence,
those who seek peace and rest
in the swampy and flooded low places of their home country
and in the refugee camps in neighboring countries;
those who don’t know what to do
because pain and tears have become their daily bread.
Give those who do unjust violence the insight
that a good life is a shared life

God, let us sow peace and not promote war.
Let us reconcile and not contribute to divisions
among peoples, groups and nations.
Renew our hearts and hands
with your love and compassion.
Help us not just to talk about peace,
but to use all our power to work for peace.‘

God, let your peace return to our families,
in our churches, and in our world.
Make us instruments of your peace
wherever we are and whatever we do.


*Here you can add other countries or conflict regions to be prayed for.

(Translation: Matthew Barlow)

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About the authors

The Ecumenical Prayer for Peace is a gift from the
South Sudanese Council of Churches. It was written by:

  • Archbishop Dr.Stephen Ameyu Martin Mulla, Juba (Catholic Church)
  • Archbishop Dr. Justin Badi Aram, Juba (Episcopal Church)
  • Bishop emeritus Dr. Isaiah Majok Dau, Juba (Pentecostal Church)

The South Sudanese Council of Churches is an ecumenical organization that is formed by seven member and associated churches. It has a strong foundation in the areas of peacemaking, reconciliation and lobby work. The history of the South Sudanese Church Council, which was founded in 2013, goes back to 1965. At that time, in the united Sudan, the Catholic, Episcopal and Presbyterian churches formed the Sudanese Church Council.

The photo

Ecumenical Peace Prayer 2023

Water tower at the entrance to the ‚Good Shepherd Peace Centre‘ in Kit near Juba/South Sudan.The centre provides holistic education and peace work as well as trauma healing. Church groups, civil groups, initiatives, aid agencies and non-governmental organisations use the centre intensively.

Photo: Comboni Missionary Br. Hans Eigner, Mural: Moses Kabiru

The state

After a referendum the Republic of South Sudan became independent from Sudan on 9 July 2011. An estimated 11.2 million people (2020) live here in 644,329 km². More than ¾ of the population belong to Christian churches.

Numerous unsettled conflicts and the struggle for resources and power culminated in a civil war in December 2013. Despite two peace agreements, the country is still marked by violence. Corruption, inadequate infrastructure and the consequences of climate change add to the suffering of the people.

You can find out more about South Sudan on Wikipedia, for example.


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